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Spend Less & Experience More

on Mackinac Island

The mackPASS is the best and most affordable way to make the most of your time on Mackinac Island. Why waste time in each and every line purchasing tickets for the attractions you want to see when you could have the ferry, carriage ride, forts, and butterflies all covered by one easy ticket?

Due to the seasonal nature of the area, all attractions (except ferry boat to Mackinac Island) close at the end of Fall and will reopen in the Spring (around Memorial Day).

mackPASS Round Trip Ferry & Carriage Tickets


(Ages 13 and over)


(Ages 5 to 12)

Bike Pass

(includes 1 day bike license for island)
Pedal Bike / Electric Bike
$16 / $22

mackPASS Add On Options

Grand Hotel Lunch Buffet Add On

(Ages 18 and over)

(Ages 10 to 17)

(Ages 6 to 9)

Grand Hotel Admission
for non-guests
(Per Person)

Jack Pine Lumberjack Show Add On

in Mackinaw City

(Ages 14 and over)

(Ages 5 to 13)

(Ages 65 and over)

Fort Mackinac or Fort Michilimackinac Admission Add On

Fort Mackinac is on Mackinac Island / Fort Michilimackinac is in Mackinaw City

(Ages 13 and over)

(Ages 5 to 12)

Original Butterfly House Admission Add On

(Ages 13 and over)

(Ages 5 to 12)

Mystery Town USA Add On

(Ages 13 and over)

(Ages 5 to 12)

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Bundled Island Adventure Packages for Mackinac Island in Lake Huron, MI

History, family fun, educational opportunities, and a whole bunch of kooky sights await you and yours on Mackinac Island! This multi-generational destination has been a rite of passage for Michiganders and our regional neighbors for well over a century. Now, for the first time, you can purchase bundled island adventure packages and see as much (or as little) as you want!

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History Lives on Mackinac

Famously car-free Mackinac Island has plenty to show, including new, old, and little-known curiosities for one-of-a-kind memories. Countless childhoods have bloomed on Mackinac Island, creating fond memories with learning and adventure at their core.

Cannons & Sunsets

Romantic forts sit mere steps away from historic hotels with grand chandeliers and even grander lunch buffets. On Mackinac Island, horse-drawn carriages clop through the streets while centuries-old cannons fire into the sunset.

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Nightlife & Dining

The party atmosphere on Mackinac Island is absolutely singular and can’t be found anywhere else. At just under 4 square miles in total landmass, you’re never far from the sound of lapping waves and star-lit skies, adding that extra special “something” to your night out on the town!

An Evening Out on Mackinac

A horse-drawn carriage gets you started with dinner at any one of Mackinac’s character-rich and expertly-staffed eateries featuring classic cocktails and new concoctions. After dinner, it’s off to one of the island’s truly unique watering holes for live music, good times, and great drinks. Enjoy the waterfront patio at the famous Pink Pony or browse the 50 beers available fresh from the tap at Mary’s Bistro. 

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Did You Know?

Sure, structured learning and discipline are vital to the educational experience. But more and more, we discover that unstructured learning in a fun, vacation environment can actually inspire life-long passions and pursuits. Mackinac Island has learning opportunities to spare for young lovers of history, the natural sciences, and so much more!

Famous Battles & Butterflies

Mackinac Island is home to two famous forts along with some of the oldest, best preserved buildings in the state of Michigan. Museums, stunning natural formations, and the Original Mackinac Island Butterfly House and Insect World offer selfie-worthy opportunities for children and parents alike!

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Memories & Traditions

Mackinac Island is a rite of passage, a place where memories and moments are made forever. Forge a new or old fair-weather tradition for generations to come with mackPASS and Mackinac Island. Check out our full list of packages or browse our attraction partners to find a bundle that works best for you.

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